Transportation Information

SalvageNow has established relationships with over 1400 independent vehicle transport companies across the United States. These companies have met our requirements in terms of company information, proof of licensing, and insurance necesary to transport vehicles. These transport companies are not owned or under contractural obligation to SalvageNow in any way.

SalvageNow facilitates transport in the following way:

  • Transporters are notifed of vehicles needing transport (Posting)
  • An initial price is specified when the vehicle is posted. This price computed at MILEAGE * $.50 for most passenger vehicles. The prices varies for Box trucks and other odd-sized vehicles; pricing is based on the estimated transport cost at time of bidding.
  • Transporters contact us to obtain specific loads. (Booking)
  • Customers notify us when loads are delivered

SalvageNow does not receive any compensation (other then the buyer\'s fee that was paid on the vehicle) for transportation services. We cannot guarantee either the amount of time it takes to have a vehicle transported or the cost of the transport. Vehicles must be picked up withing fourteen (14) days of release regardless of who arranges the transport.

Historically transport between popular destinations takes approximately two weeks. If you are well away from the beaten path (Portland, Maine; Key West, Florida; etc) it will likely take longer or additional dollars.

Feel free to contact our transport specialists to discuss your transport options. Please be aware that transport is ultimately your responsibility. We will do everything in our power to get your vehicle to you at a reasonable cost.

Dry Run/Cancellations!

WARNING: Customers arranging transport for vehicles after requesting assistance from SalvageNow, without prior notification, shall be subject to a dryrun fee.

  • First Offense - $50 + dry run fee assessed by transport company
  • Second Offense - $50 + dry run fee assessed by transport company
  • Third Offense - $150 + dry run fee assessed by transport company and elimination of ALL future transport services

For addtional questions or clarification, contact Vemark\'s transportation department at 561-392-6266x103 or email