QuickSale Purchasing

SalvageNow provides an alternate purchasing method called QuickSale.

During a Vehicle Auction

QuickSale allows you to immediately purchase a vehicle at any time during the auction for a set price.
This price is set by the seller and may change during the course of the auction.

To purchase a vehicle via Quicksale, press the QuickSale $#,### button located within the bidding display box.

DO NOT place a normal bid or bidwatch for the quicksale price amount!

Buyer fee will be calculated on the QuickSale amount

You will receive a QuickSale confirmation message and the vehicle will immediately appear on your Unpaid Vehicles list.

Post-Auction or No-Sale Vehicles

QuickSale is also being provided for vehicles that have completed an auction but which do not meet reserve.
The Seller may opt to put a QuickSale price on the vehicle in lieu of an immediate no-sale.